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THE exhibition for mums on a mission

Whether you're starting, growing or just not-knowing our child-friendly work and business events will help you #shootforthemoon

We are Lindsey and Lucy and together we organise professional standard, business exhibitions designed specially to meet the needs of mums who feel it's time to put their talents back to use.

Our informal, relaxed events offer a full day of:
  • 40 hand picked exhibitors offering services, support and true opportunities outside the 9-5.

  • Taster workshops helping you'write your marketing plan' 'Identify those forgotten skills' and what we are awful at 'pricing our products or services'.

  • Speed Networking so you can meet like-minded mums.

  • One awesome and inspirational Q&A panel with mums who have been there and done it.

  • Every guest will also walk away with our famous 'Enterprisers Handbook' and a Goody Bag.

  • Best of all it's all totally FREE to attend and you can bring your kids!

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