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Here at Mums Enterprise  we understand the conundrum faced by thousands of women when it comes to returning to work once maternity leave or a career break is over.

Can we face returning to our 9-5 careers? Should we reduce the number of days we work? What about childcare and the increased costs of living?

Thankfully the world and its workforce is changing. The success of UK mumpreneurs appears to be outpacing the sector's growth in other nations, with the mum economy expected to generate £9.5billion for the UK economy by 2025. Go mums!

And the good news is, we are here to help facilitate this movement and encourage women to think about alternatives to the 9-5. We are here to stop talents going to waste and will be there to support and inspire women when making these decisions. Our mission is to change women’s working or business lives for the better, forever.

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