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Lindsey Fish
Event organiser & Marketer. Mum to Molly aged 3 with one on the way

Lindsey Fish is the founding director of Mums Enterprise Ltd and the Mums Enterprise Roadshow. The  idea was born from her own experiences of becoming a mum and launching her own corporate event management agency back in 2014 instead of returning to her corporate career as a Marketing Manager for a city tech company.

“I love organising events, ever since my apprenticeship 17 years ago, events have always been a part of my career. Having the idea for the Mums Enterprise Roadshow was my 'light-bulb moment'. My experience of working hard and climbing the career ladder before having a baby meant I was still hungry and eager to be fulfilled in my career after maternity leave.  But I didn't want to put Molly into childcare for 11 hours a day and have a three hour commute when I could be with her.  So I launched my own corporate events agency in 2014 and a year into that the idea for the Mums Enterprise Roadshow struck.  Why not use my experience in sales, marketing and events to host my own event idea.  An event idea to help mums just like me who are facing those difficult decisions, are currently wondering what they can do outside the 9-5, have a burning business idea or have ambitions to grow their business.

So I did my research and started to plan the events, I had a very clear vision very early on of what I wanted them to be.  Once I decided to go for it, I went to Lucy who was a freelance graphic designer and friend to ask her to help bring my idea to life.  She got it right away, the logo and brand she created was awesome and is the one you see today. We decided to become business partners and started work on the events in 2015.  We delivered our first two events in June 2016 and the aim is increase the number of events we organise year on year allowing us to reach more mums in their local regions.  The whole point was to make them easy for mums to attend, make them child-friendly, professionally organised with comprehensive content but in a relaxed un-stuffy and un-corporate way. 

This is our life, our mission and we cant wait to #shootforthemoon and take thousands of mums on the journey with us."

Lucy Chaplin
Creative Director and mum of 1

Lucy boarded the Mums Enterprise as Creative Director early on in the mission. After the initial 'moon board' made Lindsey cry with joy, something clicked into place. Soon after she decided that if she was going anywhere with her creative career, it might as well be 'to the moon' and she became Lindseys offical business partner.

After two years working with Lindsey to create and deliver these events I am delighted with the way the mission is taking shape. With no prior event experience it was certainly an eye-opener to discover how much work goes into each show. But seeing the impact they are having on our attendees makes all the hard work worth it. There is nothing quite like hearing feedback from another hardworking mum, saying that attending one of our events has helped changed their life for the better. When I started out as a lowly advertising production assistant 17 years ago, the dream was to become a graphic designer. I never imagined that I would be part of such a worthwhile and important mission.

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