Q&A With Hannah Martin - co-founder of Talented Ladies Club

January 16, 2017

We turned the tables of Hannah Martin co-founder of Talented Ladies Club. Hannah is one of the largest contributors to our event and has supported us and been involved from the very start. We thought it would be nice for you to get to know her a little better so we asked her a few questions.

When did you launch the website Talented Ladies Club and how did it all come about?

We launched in April 2013. Talented Ladies Club was inspired by the many incredible women I met when after having my daughter a few years before that – all of whom struggled to make their careers work as mothers.

At the time there were no genuinely inspiring career websites aimed at ambitious, successful, creative mothers, so I decided to create my own.

What did you do before you started your own business?

I was an award-winning advertising copywriter. I started my career in Hong Kong in the mid-90s and returned to the UK in 2001. I worked for global agencies in London until I had my daughter and decided to freelance from home.

I’d continued my career after having my son six years earlier, and regretted missing so much of his life while I was commuting and working. I was offered a really exciting promotion when I found out I was pregnant with my daughter and was gutted at having to turn it down, but I knew from experience how unforgiving the advertising industry at that level was on motherhood.

What is your vision for the future of the website?

To continue to grow, and become one of the world’s top resources for ambitious mums. I also want to create more practical resources and training programmes to help mothers continue their careers, go freelance or start businesses on their terms.

Giving back is also important to us, and we’re currently talking to two charities that are close to our hearts about how we can support the work they do.

And finally, from a personal perspective I’d like to continue building a business that fits around the team’s family lives, so we have that perfect balance of work we love, and time to be with the people we love.

Who inspires you in business?

Pretty much every woman who we’ve interviewed on Talented Ladies Club! I love the many different, creative ways they’ve found to pursue their dreams and use their skills – while being the mums they want to be.

I also find people who overcome huge odds inspiring. It’s very easy to make excuses about why you can’t do something, but when you read about someone else’s incredible achievements despite adversity, it humbles you.

What three key lessons have you learnt over the time you have been in business?

Gosh, can I only pick three??! They’d have to be:

1. Do something you love

Passion will sustain you through the ups and downs of business, and mean you’ll naturally more interested and intuitive in your offering, and in tune with your target audience.

2. Be resilient

In the past four years I’ve seen too many businesses with brilliant potential give up when the going got tough. Accept there will be hard weeks (and months) and that you’ll make mistakes and fail sometimes. But if you believe in what you’re doing stick with it. You’ll learn, improve and grow.

3. Be adaptable

Be prepared to make tough decisions in your business, to learn, to let go, to change, and to accept when something isn’t working. Certainly there are times it’s important to stick to your guns, but otherwise be flexible and make wise compromises if you need.

If people wanted to contact you how should they get in touch?

They can connect with us via Twitter or Facebook, or email us via our site.




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January 16, 2017

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