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An independent HR consultancy service with over ten years’ experience working with and supporting organisations in both the public and private sectors. From start-ups, small to medium businesses and larger organisations we provide a comprehensive and professional service. We are based in Hertfordshire but are happy to provide a remote service for other areas too.

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Who can you help?

I can offer HR services to all types of different businesses, but I find the SME's audience, in particular women and mums with their own businesses, the most rewarding as I now have plenty of experience in this myself.

What problems do you solve?

Any HR issues! I can support those who are thinking of employing their first employee,  from where to start with recruitment/ interviewing and contract writing. I can also support those who already have employees, with anything from policy writing to performance management.

What makes you unique?

I am passionate about what I do! I not only have over 10 years HR experience, but I am also a mother, woman and have set my own business. Where better to find support from someone who has the same experiences.

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