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IGW Digital – Iincredibly Good Writing

A copywriter with 23 years experience helping start-ups and growing organisations write copy to catapult their business forwards.

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Who can you help?

As a professional writer and blogger I can help brand new startup businesses to get up and running by writing the content for your website, creating a series of blog posts to get your name out there, and writing copy for your first email campaign.

I can also help existing businesses who don’t have time to keep writing and updating website and blog content, or who might need a new brochure creating for an event or product launch.

I can also help those who want to learn business copywriting for themselves through a series of online seminars and professional ebooks which I have produced.

What problems can you solve?

Lack of time – I can do the writing for you as it can take time to craft web pages and other marketing content, which new business owners and entrepreneurs just don’t have.

Lack of creativity – it’s not easy to come up with ideas for a new blog every week, or a new way of talking about an established product. I can bring fresh eyes to your business and create exciting and interesting copy ideas and suggestions for you.

Lack of knowledge – I can either do the business writing for you, or I can coach you how to do it for yourself – either way if you don’t know where to start with SEO and creating effective content, I can help.

What makes you unique?

I have 23 years of experience of writing copy and creating content for a wide variety of trades, industries and subject areas and can bring all of that knowledge to bear for your business needs. I am also a single mum running my own business from home, so I also understand what that’s like and the struggles we all go through.

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