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It's A Sling Thing

It's A Sling Thing is the UK's largest online only postal sling library, offering expert advice from two trained sling consultants so families can carry their children safely and comfortable. We also offer a range of carriers for purchase and on our Try Before You Buy scheme.

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Who can you help? 

We help any families who want to carry their babies or children in slings or carriers. We help families who want to go on holiday without a buggy, and families who need to carry day to day for a whole range of reasons.

How can you help? 

At the show we will be offering a buggy drop and sling hire service. Simply leave either a buggy or other item with us and take one of our slings or carriers, fitted by one of our experts, and explore the show hands free.  We will also be happy to discuss any aspect of slings and carriers and how they might assist in your future enterprise!

What makes you unique? 

We offer both expert advice and a simple postal service meaning you can get sling advice and hires without leaving the comfort of your own home. We live busy and complicated lives and sometimes it is not possible to access in person sling help.

"We think that Mums Enterprise Roadshow is a great opportunity for Mums to explore working options after their family dynamics change, and also believe that slings and carriers can be an amazing tool for allowing Mums the freedom to explore those options"

Speak to us on the day to hire a sling or get any information about carrying!

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