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Kennedy Street CIC

We are a community interest company who offers a volunteer opportunity as well as film and catering services for individuals or businesses.

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Who can you help?

We are a community interest company and solely ran by volunteers. We support ongoing addiction recovery by locating housing and employment, providing mentors, practical assistance, signposting, creative courses and one to one coaching. We offer a video filming and production service to individuals and businesses as well as catering for events and hosting bespoke tea parties. So if you are a business in need of those services or are seeking a volunteering opportunity we are sure to be able to put your skills to good use for he benefit of the Brighton community.

What problems do you solve?

As a CIC We primarily support those in active recovery, however, we also provide assistance to rough sleepers and the vulnerable & marginalised in our local community. Our film and catering services are affordable options for individuals and businesses.

What Makes you Unique?

Everything we do at Kennedy Street is through love and a deep, personal understanding of the individual's circumstance. We create personalised care for the person we are helping, based on their specific requirements.

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