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The Children’s Activities Association

The Children's Activities Association is an industry-led community interest company founded by experts to help parents, schools, nurseries and all children's activities providers by raising the standard of children's activities as well as give more families access to these excellent activities.

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Who can you help?

For the first-time, parents, nurseries, schools and other venues can now save time and money when choosing children’s activities AND ensure that all expected safety and quality standards are in place. The ‘not-for-profit’ Children’s Activities Association supports the people and companies providing children’s activities throughout the UK to grow, improve and enhance this important and exciting sector.

What problems do you solve?

The CAA offers reassurance to all regarding children’s classes and clubs on a range of vital issues like criminal record checks, insurance, health and safety, training, qualifications and more.

Now parents can just look for the CAA logo or ask “Are you a member of the CAA?” for easy peace of mind regarding those activity providers in their children’s lives.

What makes you unique?

Shockingly, before the CAA, there were no checks or standards in place for all organised children’s activities. Now the CAA offers industry an independent, thorough accreditation celebrating and standardising ‘best practice’. Providers can now simply and clearly showcase their excellence to everyone, demonstrating that they have met or surpassed the CAA’s robust standards and therefore enabling parents to make informed decisions regarding those who engage with their children.

The CAA is the first independent body to represent the industry as a whole with the mission to raise standards and make more activities available to a broader range of children for the benefit of all.

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