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Tuesday 31st October 2017 - Cranmore Park

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Talented Ladies Club

We help women to find a way to fulfill their ambitions while being the mums they want to be. On our website you’ll find daily advice and inspiration to help you enjoy a flexible career, go freelance or run your own business. We also have a membership club called Kickstart. Packed with workbooks, tools, courses, videos and support to help you start or grow a business you love, it does exactly what the name suggests and kick starts your new life!

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Other exhibitors

Make Believe Group

Make Believe is an international franchise network of theatre schools teaching thousands of children from 6 months right up to 18 years how to sing, dance and act. With a production company and talent division we aim to inspire young people from all backgrounds that anything is possible!

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Marketing for Mums

We are here to support mums who are launching & growing their own businesses for a fulfilling, successful work life but also to make a positive change for the benefit of their families. We do this by helping mums in business with their marketing so they can focus on what they do best, enjoy the most & spend time with the people they love the most.

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Parentpreneur Accelerator

Starting a business is hard, and usually results in lots of wasted time and money as you test, fail, and 'go back to the drawing board'. We help parent entrepreneurs (‘Parentpreneurs’) to build successful businesses whilst having time with the people they love.

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