The Why, How and Fundamentals of Networking
9.30am - 10.00am- Harvey's Brewery Lounge

You will learn 5 key reasons why you should network, 6 top ‘how to network successfully’ tips , 5 fundamentals for networking online, and we’ll present you with a networking challenge to super charge your networking and accelerate your business for 2017!     

Workshop speaker:
Sara Guiel & Nicky Chisholm
Mumpreneurs Networking Club

Sara and Nicky are the beauty and brains behind The Mumpreneurs Networking Club.They make a unique, driven, ambitious and very tenacious team. Like an old married couple, they laugh at ridiculous things, ignore each often, have at least 10 new ideas a day and find each other only mildly irritating. They have opposite taste in almost everything but find common ground in mad adventures, hard work, very good wine and epic historical novels. They lead by example, always think outside the box and are mostly never afraid to work outside their comfort zone. They make an awesome team, that continually strives to raise the profile of the UK's Mumpreneurs. In 2017 Sara is planning to be a regular in Parliament and Nicky is working on an extreme networking challenge!

Sara Guiel. Director, areas of responsibility Business Development, Sponsorship, Recruitment & Communications.

Sara's favourite quote "It must be true I read it on Facebook" She has 3 children, 2 dogs and wonders often who invented homework and whether her always muddy house will ever be free of sports kit and trainers – so many pairs of trainers!

Nicky Chisholm. Director, areas of responsibility Statistics, Operations, Training, Digital Development

Nicky's favourite quote is "Be so awesome they can’t ignore you" She has two sports mad boys and believes that soup is proper dinner when spending so much time taxing around from match to match!

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