How to charge for your services
1.45pm - 2.15pm - Harvey's Brewery Lounge

What’s the ‘right’ amount to charge for your services? And how can you make sure your clients are happy to pay it? Learn how to set your rate, and discover the secrets to confidently asking for – and getting – it. 

Freelancers, business owners, those thinking of starting their own business and anybody who struggles to ask for money or how to price the services they offer. What tactics can be used to feel confident when setting fees and asking for payment.  Plus find out how to deal with clients who try to haggle you down.

Workshop speaker:
Hannah Martin
Talented Ladies Club

Hannah Martin is an award-winning advertising copywriter and qualified psychotherapist, hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner.

Hannah is passionate about helping ambitious women fulfill their goals, and in 2013 she co-founded the Talented Ladies Club, a magazine-style website with daily advice and inspiration for working, freelance and business mums.

In 2015 Talented Ladies Club launched Kickstart, a monthly membership club designed to help mothers confidently build a business on their terms. Hannah also runs a number of online career and business courses for women (and men!) around the world.

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